Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boiled Pickled Milk Fish @ Cyma

I'm Back .. sorry about that.. been out contemplating about D90!. but don't worry I'm OK now.

Just want to share my food adventure when my boss came from the U.S.
We went to Cyma in Shargri La Mall. Kinda pricey .. boiled picked fish (paksiw na bangus) cost Php 600.00 !!!!!!!( Joke only ) . Specializing and Greek / Mediterranean Dishes and "LAMB" dishes!

hehehhe Calamares ....

Calamares Dip?

This is new .. ... Sizzling Mozzarella Cheese ??? when they serve it,


Grilled Salmon ... winner!!

err... I don't know how this rice is cooked .. I just know its expensive 'coz i cant pronounce its name...

Lamb Kebabs, ... before
and After...

Joseph(office mate) ordered .. Lamb Chops
Hmmmmmm I feel like a WOLF!!

An now, the most special dish of them all ... my order ..

Blackend Sea Bass a.k.a Boneless na Paksiw na Bangus ( Boiled Pickled Milk Fish) ..according to Boss Gibs at Joseph

Price : Php 600.00

Saturday, February 7, 2009


After I went to have my hair fixed, I thought i strolled down in the new SM Annex Cyberzone.

.. wait .. wait .. wait ..

Who is that big bald guy smiling at me??

Hay ... just what I've thought : Its the Laughing BUDDAAAAAAAH.

Weekend Lunch

Weekend is here!!( again). Of Course, this is the only day we cook all-time-favorite Filipino recipes ( Its a big relief actually, We memorize all the flavors that Megamall FoodCourt has to offer.). So my wife suggested to have "A soup and Fish".Hmmm ... Ok. So we cooked Nilaga ( Beef Stew) and Tilapia.

Just looking at the fish, i feel full already.

Look at all that fat, sumptuousright?!

I wish i have a 18-200mm zoom lens, kinda scary moving in a boiling cooking oil.

This is creepy.. like its looking back at me ans saying .." You're next .. " .. scary...


Sunday, February 1, 2009

My First Photowalk - U.P. Diliman

Its so difficult to get out of bed in a Saturday morning! But i need to practice!
Kinda excite too bcoz its my first time to shoot all by myself. Just notice this,
its seemed some of the pictures are over exposed... HAY.. i really really really need a zoom lens!!!

"Am I at the beach???"

Practicing what i've learned in YouTube .. "
ito nag praktis ako yun natutuna ko sa Youtube Shutter Speed and Motion

"Skolar ng Bayan"
"Lumipad ang bird"

Isa pa !!


"Lanta't Tuyot"
Macro shot .... what insect is this ????