Monday, January 26, 2009

Macro!!! Macro!!! Macro!!!

"Angel" - This was done by Grace's niece , Jazzel ( err.... she's better that me ..)

"Chirst and the Rosaries"

" The Number 28"

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Company @ the Mega Atrium

My wife and I was strolling along Megamall looking for a restaurant that we haven't tried yet.
Its a Friday so I suggested to look to the newly built "Atrium" section ( and its her treat! hehehe). On the way, we notice theres a mini concert and a digital exibit.It was the a tribute to Fernando Amorsolo's works. Then all of the sudden a group came up on stage the started performing. My gosh!!! Its THE COMPANY!!call me old -fashion, baduy .. or what ever ... I love their songs! So we watch the mini concert and good thing I brought my camera with me . SHOOOOT SHOOOT SHOOT!!!

p.s. .... we ate at Tripple V ..... BUAHUAHAHAHAH

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Sunset

Just sharing my shot taken in Orient Square around 5:20pm, kinda
"blueish" because of the glass. Not purfect but hey!,
masters of photography said.."Shooot, Shooot,Shooot" hehehheheheh

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Its me again! Pardon me ,ever since i bought a camera, I always had the urge to press the button( Rain's term - "Trigger Happy") but doesn't have the time to update my blog! Sorry .. only human.Anyweyzzzzzz my wife suddenly felt hungry so as a dutiful husband i went to the corner to buy some bread.Then I came back, there's an open Century Tuna and a couple of brownies/cupcakes ..

Of course!! never a dull moment.

This is my FIRST MACRO SHOT!!! hehehhehehe wicked!!!!! Take note mo of the Tuna all of the grease is visible ... hay ..... itadakimasu!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Virgin !!!! my first post

hay ... long wait is over!! After convicing my wife, ( actually I supprised her!) that I bought na
my first DSLR, here is my first creative shot using my Nikon D60!!!

This was taken last January 18, 2009 Saturday araound 2pm at Mary the Queen Parish in West Greenhills. We where scouting for a church for our wedding and we found this!

Yeah I know its still "amatuerish" but i like this shot! Peace!!