Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Its me again! Pardon me ,ever since i bought a camera, I always had the urge to press the button( Rain's term - "Trigger Happy") but doesn't have the time to update my blog! Sorry .. only human.Anyweyzzzzzz my wife suddenly felt hungry so as a dutiful husband i went to the corner to buy some bread.Then I came back, there's an open Century Tuna and a couple of brownies/cupcakes ..

Of course!! never a dull moment.

This is my FIRST MACRO SHOT!!! hehehhehehe wicked!!!!! Take note mo of the Tuna all of the grease is visible ... hay ..... itadakimasu!!!!

1 comment:

Ruby said...

yikes! looking at the tuna pic makes me want to go barf-o-rama!!!! lol
masyado mo atang nilapit yung shot kaya naging kakatakot!!